• Dianne Young

Brilliant with the Basics of Goal Setting:Identifying What's Important In Your Life

Goals...people either love or hate them. I happen to be a person who has loved setting goals my whole life! Most people tell me the reason they don't set goals is because they have a hard time staying focused or they don't know where to start. In this blog series,I will share with you my easy goal setting process and some tips to stay on track with even the biggest goals.

1. Identify What's Most Important to You

If you are thinking its obvious that what is important is my family, or my faith or my career...I challenge you to look at two places that prove what is important. The first is your bank account and the second is your calendar. You see, we can tell ourselves that our family is the most important thing to us, but if our bank account and our calendar say otherwise, we can't argue with proof.

Where are you spending your money? If you say your family is number 1, but have not begun saving for college for your kids or even braces for your teen, your bank account tells a different story.

Where are you spending your time? Are you being present with the important people in your life? Or are you like millions of others whose smart phone has taken priority over conversations at the dinner table?

Take the time to assess your current situation of where your time and money are being spent. Make adjustments where needed. This is the first step in being able to set meaningful goals.

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