• Dianne Young

Why bother?

In this second part of my "Goal Setting" series, we will look at outlining the benefits of reaching your goal. If the benefit does not outweigh the effort, why bother? If you do not have a big enough "why" it will be too easy to give up! If you can picture yourself reaching your goal and the emotions you will feel, it will be easier to keep going when things get hard. I have had a goal of finishing a degree I started many years ago for a long time. Two years ago, I sat down and outlined the benefits of reaching this goal. For me, it was personal accomplishment and proving to myself I could do it. It was not tied to getting a raise, as I am self-employed or proving anything to others...just myself! When life got hectic and I did not feel like writing APA formatted papers and citing sources, I pictured myself pushing the submit button on my computer, turning in my final thesis and the joy and relief I would feel. It kept me going! When setting a goal, picture the ideal, future state and what reaching that goal will feel like. Set goals and smash them!!!

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